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The fight against food waste conquers Italy.

Biova Project together with Birrificio Karma and Radici to reduce waste in Campania.

Biova Project arrives in Campania, in a territory with a unique agri-food richness:

the region can boast one of the oldest baking traditions, as well as some of the most legendary grains of our country.

And so Biova Campania is born: from the will to spread our fight against waste also in this incredible territory.

Biova Project calls on Radici Onlus, a reality in the Caserta area committed to the fight against waste and poverty.

Radici's volunteers have recovered 150 kg of unsold bread from bakeries in Caserta and its province, creating the quantity of raw material necessary to proceed with the creation of our beer.

Biova Project brought the bread at birrificio Karma for brewing. Birrificio Karma, directed by master brewer Mario Cipriano, applied the recipe of Biova's CLASSICA, interpreting the hopping in its own way, and produced a first batch of 1250 liters which will be available for distribution by mid-August.

Our product is distributed by Nirvana Srl in all the pizzerie and shops in Campania.

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