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Biova Project extends the life of Forno Brisa's bread, and turns it into beer.

Bread for those of Forno Brisa is a good asset, the foundation of the daily diet and must be tasty, good and healthy: every loaf contains a piece of planet, good agricultural, milling and processing practices and sincere human relations.

For Biova Project bread is sacred, the ancestral basis of the human nutrition, a good for all humanity: that's why we are committed to ensuring that its waste is reduced to a minimum and its life is as long as possible.

From the meeting of these two realities, a wonderful project is born, the result of the most interesting collaboration of the year: a Biova Leggera Session Ipa with Forno Brisa Bread and all the beauty of BrisVecchia on the label.

You can find Soccia Biova Brisa in all Brisa's stores in Bologna.

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