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Unes bread has a second life.

We are proud to announce a new important partnership for the fight against food waste.

Unes Supermarkets is the market leader in large-scale distribution with its brands Unes, U!, U2 e Viaggiatore Goloso. Always careful to keep faith with its values ​​of sustainability, Unes joins our movement to fight waste by asking us to collect part of its unsold bread and turn it into a cobranding beer exclusively for them.

150 kg of unsold bread becomes 2500 liters of craft beer, saving the 30% of barley malt: an essential action for the sustainability of the food chain, which makes Biova Unes a beer that follows the principles of the circular economy and is more sustainable for the planet.

You can find Biova Unes in the bakery area

Biova Unes has a special placement in the bakery area of all the Unes, U2 e Viaggiatore Goloso stores.

Specifically, the idea is now part of Progetto Zero,the set of initiatives signed by Unes with which the company is committed to respecting the values of sustainability and the fight against waste that characterize it.

Thanks to Progetto Zero, every day Unes reduces its impact on the environment and sensitizes its customers to a more conscious shopping.

Come and discover Biova Unes in one of the more than 200 points of sale in Piedmont, Lombardy and Emilia Romagna.

Find the Unes store closest to you here

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