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This summer cannot be wasted

BIANCA is here, the Biova beer that makes even the heat of summer more sustainable.

Finally the hot season arrives and, at the same time, the desire for fresh beer!

BIANCA is the newest member of our team against food waste. BIOVA BIANCA, is also known as Blanche, Wit, o Witbier. It is a beer originating from Northern Europe, Belgium and Netherlands.

In our Bianca not only barley malt and bread are used, but also wheat (not malted). Wheat proteins, along with the use of yeast, explain why it has a more veiled appearance than other beers. In particular, the presence of yeast in suspension ensures that the maturation of the beer does not end once it is bottled, but continues afterwards.

The taste is slightly acidic, fresh and citrus, with an almost imperceptible bitterness, beers suitable for those who do not like the peculiar note of hops.

BIANCA is a light beer, under 4 alcohol degrees, perfect for the summer.

Biova Bianca. A tradition of Northern Europe at the service of food innovation.

Just 3,8% of alcohol. Light, fresh, fragrant, with notes of limonaria and orange peel, Biova Bianca is made with 30% of bread recovered from the bakers of Piedmont and Lombardy.

Scanning the QR code on the can, is possible to see where the unsold bread was recovered.

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