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Biova Project together with Ricibo to recover unsold bread from bakeries in Genoa

Biova Project lands in Liguria and recovers 150 kg of unsold bread to make 2500 liters of beer.

A new beer is born, with a touch of sapidity and the great taste of the Genoese baking tradition. The label, that makes it perfectly recognizable, immediately talks about the project behind: “In Liguria nothing is thrown away from bread”.

"The purpose of Biova Project is to bring the good practice of food recovery as widely as possible around us", explain Franco Dipietro and Emanuela Barbano, founders of Biova Project.

After Progetto San Salvario and Progetto Lago di Como, the Liguria project continues with this idea of expanding the food surplus recovery system and involves RICIBO, a network of non-profit associations operating in the Ligurian territory, in the process.

RICIBO's volunteers have recovered the unsold bread from the bakeries in Genoa: 150 kg of bread and focaccia to create about 7500 bottles of 0.33 cl.

Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to RICIBO to finance other projects to fight food waste directly in the area.

Biova Project Liguria is distributed by Timossi Beverage.

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