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Biova Project together with Comunian against food waste in Veneto

Biova Veneto is born, a circular beer made with 170 kg of unsold bread from bakeries in Veneto.

Thanks to the bread used, we saved 40% of barley malt for brewing of this blonde beer inspired by Koltch recipe.

1300 tons are wasted every day just on the Italian territory.

Biova Project, in 2020 alone, is committed to collecting and transforming over 3 tons of bread into new raw material, with a saving of public spending and very high CO2 emissions.

Producing beer in this way not only reduces a surplus, with consequent savings in public spending for the management of waste and social weight due to inequalities, but also makes the product more sustainable, also greatly reducing the resources of soil, water and air linked to the production of unused raw material.

Our distributor Comunian has embraced the philosophy of the project and promotes the diffusion of the product throughout the Veneto region.

Comunian has been selecting and delivering wines, beers and spirits for over 40 years, in which it has become one of the most important realities of distribution in the Triveneto.

Biova Project and Comunian, are therefore doing something concrete against food waste, promoting a new philosophy of reuse, waste reduction and a new entrepreneurship based on sustainability.

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