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Everyone talks about it, but perhaps few still do. The circular economy is that process whereby starting from a waste product, it is processed, transformed to give it new life and become a resource for someone else.

This model is able to regenerate itself and ensure an eco-sustainable impact on the environment.

It is no coincident that Biova Project applies the circular economy system to perfection, because the recovery of a precious waste such as unsold bread can only generate new value.

Every day in Italy 13 thousand quintals of bread remains unsold. A number very impressive: Biova Project's founders, who work as volunteers in food recovery and distribution non-profit organizations, have experienced the problem first-hand. This daily quantity is too high to be redistributed in charity given the great perishable nature of the product.

Biova Project was born with this idea: to apply the circular economy to a waste that we can define as inevitable.

At Biova we take care of leftover bread from supermarkets, bakeries, restaurant chains or fast food restaurants: all bread that remained on the shelves in the evening and therefore cannot be put back on the market the next day.

The bread is brought to breweries close to the collection points, is toasted, crumbled and transformed into beer.

We have therefore obtained a quality product that can be resold by those who gave it to us.

This process transforms 150 kg of bread in 2500 liters of craft beer allowing us to save on the raw materials used, in particular on barley malt: in fact, we are going to remove 30% of it, not to mention that this whole virtuous circle generates a positive impact on the planet.

With Biova Project, you not only reduce waste, but at the end of the production process you also get a consistent reduction in Co2 emissions. This attention is not limited only to the use of raw materials, but also to everything concerning, for example, the transport of bread: the donated bread is in fact collected inside the malt bags thus avoiding the use of new wrappers.

To date, with Biova Project we are mainly active in the North West territories, precisely because for this model to work, it is necessary that the places where the bread is collected are close to the breweries that will transform it into beer.

But It doesn't mean that our commitment is limited to this area, actually, this project can certainly expand throughout Italy because anyone can join this movement, and this truly makes Biova the beer against waste.

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