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Biova Leggera is here, the new Biova Beer made by rice and inspired by the IPA recipe.

After bread comes the rice. If Biova Project's activity in the production of beer from the recovery of unsold bread is now consolidated, it is time for the fight against food waste to expand, and to go to the rescue of another kind of basic necessity: rice.

Also for this cereal, as for all foods that we find on the market, the law of perfection and flawless appearance applies: let's think about it, on the market we find only whole grains, without the slightest dent. However, 5% of the beans break during the manufacturing process, thus resulting defective; and even if the grain retains all its quality and nutritional characteristics, it is no longer considered salable, and for this reason it is discarded.

From this bitter reality, the will to act concretely to give new life to this essential food is born, and in full compliance with the principles of the circular economy, here comes Biova Leggera, a light beer produced from the recovery of Carnaroli variety rice grains of NeoruraleHub, a natural laboratory that develops innovative and sustainable solutions.

What makes special this beer? Inspired by session IPA recipe, it is the most hoppy among the Biova Beers and let's not forget its sustainable soul, the fil rouge of the whole Biova Project.

Its taste is decisive, full-bodied and balanced and its reduced gluten content makes it ideal for those who do not want to give up the taste of a nice beer without exceeding in calories or in alcohol content - in fact, Biova Leggera has only 3% alcohol.

This beer is available on our e-commerce to toast against waste, again!

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