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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

Cheers to all!

From today on our e-commerce you will find our cans! A choice that decreases emissions and trasportation costs. A can, in fact, weighs about half of a bottle and has at least triple the style!

Biova Beer in a can. Half the weight and triple the style.

Yes, it is a trend. But a good trend. Canned beer is back in style. From California to England, passing through Europe, the can becomes the new symbol of craft beer. A choice motivated by the can's great ability to preserve the taste and carbonation of the beer, protecting it for longer from the sun's rays and oxygen. But that's not all. The weight of the can, with the same content, is half the weight of glass. This means lighter and less polluting transport. And there's more. The can has a more efficient and less expensive recycling process than glass, further increasing the sustainability of our product. And last but not least, the style has increased dramatically!

Our cans has on the label the manifesto of our commitment against food waste: WE DRINK THE WASTE. And so there is only one thing left to do!

Order your Biova in a can on our e-commerce and let's toast to the health of the planet!

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