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Biova Project, a Turin-based food innovation startup, enters the MA.MI food - Made in Mirafiori basket of producers thanks to Biova Mirafiori, the beer brewed from unsold bread from Mirafiori bakeries.

ma.mi food e biova project insieme contro lo spreco


From unsold bread from 5 neighborhood bakeries, harvested in less than a week, Biova Mirafiori was produced, a Kölsch-style craft beer, a German-inspired pale bread beer, drinkable and surprising, thanks to the final savory touch given by the presence of bread salt.

A taste that is at least as striking as the goodness of the operation that substituted up to 30 percent barley malt in production, thanks to the use of unsold and recovered bread. With Biova Mirafiori, real savings in raw materials and reduced environmental impact have been possible.

bread (1).png

150 kg

of recovered bread

beer (1).png

2500 lt

of craft beer produced


-1365 kg

CO2 emissions

From 70 kg of recovered bread, 1250 liters of beer were produced, saving the release of 690 kg of CO2 into the environment. The 3750 33 cl bottles of Biova Mirafiori will be available in 15 locations in Mirafiori and the city, an experimental limited edition that aims to be a further step in the experimentation of urban food system innovations in Mirafiori.


MA.MI food - Made in Mirafiori, the basket of typical, sustainable, ethical and inclusive products from the area furthest south of Turin, was in fact born from the commitment of Mirafiori Community Foundation and Mirafood, the Slow Food community for the enhancement of the Mirafiori South area, and will be developed until 2024 thanks to the support of FUSILLI, the European Horizon 2020 project that aims to transform the urban food system through innovative living labs in 12 European cities.


 Credit: Marzia Allietta 

Mirafiori is a neighborhood whose community collaborates with third sector entities, such as the Mirafiori Community Foundation, and associations, to enhance the area and develop virtuous practices of sociability, based on the gift economy, the recovery of food surpluses and basic necessities.
A neighborhood that is increasingly greener, thanks to the numerous collective gardens and proGIreg experiments, and where food becomes a topic of sharing, knowledge transmission and community creation, first with Mirafood and now also thanks to the European project FUSILLI. 

Biova Mirafiori not only cuts down on waste, but above all supports social inclusion projects in the neighborhood thanks to the percentage of product proceeds donated to the Mirafiori Community Foundation onlus, which totally reinvests it.

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Operational headquarters: Via Valperga Caluso 18, 10125, Turin

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