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bergamo's bread has a second life

Thanks to the collaboration with Aspan of Bergamo, Biova Bread Beer Bergamo is born.

A craft beer that fights food waste and has a unique taste: the smell of bread and the taste of salt. This beer is produced with bread recovered at km 0 and donated by the bakers of the province of Bergamo.


the commitment of biova and aspan bergamo

"It all begins by recovering bread, a fundamental food of our diet but unfortunately is also one of the most wasted"- explains Massimo Ferrandi, president of Aspan - "thanks to its characteristics, however, bread can be brought to new life, using it in the brewing process "

With our recipe, from 150 kg of recovered bread we obtain 2500 liters of beer, more than 7,500 bottles.

the smell of bread,

the taste of salt

As in all of our recipes, thanks to the presence of bread, 30% of barley malt was saved for the brewing of this Kölsch-inspired lager beer. Fresh, clear, highly drinkable.

bread (1).png

150 kg

of recovered bread

beer (1).png

2500 lt

of craft beer produced


-1365 kg

CO2 emissions


Biova Bergamo not only cuts down on waste, but also saves up to 30 percent of raw materials, and at the same time the environment is spared the input of as much as 1365 kg of CO2, equivalent to 5 airline flights between Rome and London.

"The project is based on the synergy with our bakers," Ferrandi continues, "and Biova Project, which will collect the unsold at some bakeries and turn it into craft beer. The product will then be available to participating bakeries."

The characteristic of these beers is to "let the bread speak": classic recipes from the brewing tradition, with a touch of flavor given precisely by the bread; a taste that is striking, at least as much as the goodness of the operation.

this beer is made with recovered bread from:

la forneria minuscoli – via brescia, 6 - 24023 clusone bg
panificio suardelli – via a. locatelli, 54 - 24059  urgnano BG
forneria varelli – via Roma, 16 - 24050 Grassobbio BG
voglia di pane - via monsignor Giulio bilabini, 4 - 24027 nembro bg
pane e fantasia – via campofiori, 10a - 24011 almè bg
ferrandi il pane buono – via dei mille, 25 - 24047 treviglio bg
panificio capello - via f. corridoni, 39 - 24124 Bergamo
panificio bonadei – via antonio cifrondi, 5 - 24023 Clusone BG
panificio mariarosa e flavio – via madre bianca belleni, 6 - 24040 Arzago d'Adda BG
antico forno – via xxv aprile, 2 - 24040 Osio Sopra BG
panificio testa – Piazza G. Garibaldi, 18 - 24040 osio sopra BG
panificio zucca – Piazza S. Giovanni Battista, 18 - 24020 Casnigo BG
panificio balduzzi – Piazza Uccelli, 9 - 24023 Clusone BG
dal furner – via Roma, 7 - 24056 Fontanella BG
longaretti – Via Carlo Forlanini, 8 - 24036 Ponte San Pietro BG
panificio gilardi – via s. tomaso de' Calvi, 3 - 24127 Bergamo 
panificio recanati – via bravi, 1 - 24030 Terno D'isola BG
il forno delle bontà – Via Briantea, 46 - 24030 Gromlongo BG
panificio mazzucco – Via V. Emanuele, 45/49 - 24037 Rota D'imagna BG
panificio casati – Via Cialdini, 15, 24041 - Brembate BG
panificio l'antico forno – Via G. Falcone, 2 - 24030 Almenno San Bartolomeo BG
sapore di pane - Via San Carlo, 37 - San Pellegrino Terme, BG
panificio finazzi - via Cadorna 73, - Treviolo

Panifici BG
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Operational headquarters: Via Valperga Caluso 18, 10125, Turin

E-mail:   Tel. And Whatsapp: 011 0364246

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