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Ri-Snack is the first italian snack against food waste, reducing raw materials necessity and lightening the exploitation of resources of the planet Earth. For us it represent a further pride because it leads to zero waste from our beer production.

Ri-Snack™ of Biova Project is a very crunchy snack with the barley malt that was already been used to make our Biova beer. The spent barley malt left over after brewing is still wonderfully full of protein, fiber and mineral salts, but much lower in sugar. From spent barley we obtain a mixture with which we replace 40% of the virgin raw materials.

In this way Ri-snack wins on all fronts: it is more sustainable, more healthy, NEVER fried, and sooo good! A full-blown win-win strategy!

From centuries, brewers have used germinated and roasted barley malt to create the wort of their beers. It is a process in which the barley grain reaches germination and then undergoes a malting (roasting) process to create a depth of flavors and aromas in the beans. The malt, after releasing its aromas and sugars in the wort which will then become beer, is discharged from the mash vat and, in the best cases, used for animal feed, or as compost, but in most cases thrown in rubbish dump. We at Biova Project recover it and use this wonder to create our Ri-Snack.

Throughout the month of October 2021, with every purchase from our e-commerce, we will give you a free pack of Ri-Snack!

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