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Food waste is responsible for 10% of the total CO2 emissions emitted by humanity, according to a report made by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). This number tells us about all the energy used to grow, raise, process, package and transport food,in addition to the waste that occurs when food that is still edible becomes waste.

The European Union produces 88 milions of tons of food waste every year, just to say a number. 

All of us, in their own small way, try to do our best to help reduce waste: by buying only what we need and not more, or by choosing more ecological products. But this is not the way to solve the problem, because consumers are directly resposible for only a small percentage of waste. The great majority of wasted food isn't even sold

This is due to a distribution model that consumers are now used to.

In this case, bread is challenging: demand changes day by day, and for tradition we mean “fresh bread” only the “freshly baked” bread.

13 thousand quintals of bread are thrown away every day.

According to a study by the International Association of Industrial Bakery, the average Italian consumer consumes 52 kilograms of bread per year. Therefore, with the leftover bread every day, 25 thousand people could be fed for a year. But actually, as we said, the final consumer is not responsible of that waste. 

In short, a problem that is not easy to observe and therefore not easy to solve. Or rather, it is not a problem that can be solved by an individual using common sense, but it is a structural question. So what? How do we solve it?

Biova is a drop in the bucket as regards the amount of bread saved every day, compared to waste, but it was born with the idea of extending the life of bread as much as possible, giving it a second life, a new value with which to get back into circle.

We work directly with supermarkets and bakeries in order to stem the waste of bread a little and take a new path: a road where waste becomes more easily and more effectively a new value. Because, unfortunately, bread is left over too often.

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