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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Biova's commitment together with Confcommercio Como

Biova's commitment found in Confcommercio Como a great ally and together they gave new life to a new project, which aims to help reduce food waste, as part of a larger Circular Economy project. How? Giving a second life to unsold bread.

From 150 kg of bread recovered from the shores of Lake Como, 2500 liters of beer were produced, from which more than 7575 bottles are obtained. At the same time, the release of 1365 kg of CO2 is saved to the environment.

The taste of bread, the taste of salt.

Biova Bread beer Lago di Como is inspired to the Kölsch recipe (Alc. 4.7% vol.), a great classic with an unexpected touch of salt, which make it incredibly drinkable. Fresh, clear, with a great drinkability. Thanks to the recovery and use of bread, we are going to replace 30 to 50% of barley malt, allowing a real saving of raw materials and reducing the environmental impact.

Distributed on the shores of the Como lake

Local product, touristic product

Behind Biova Bread Beer Lake Como there is a story: that of bread that has a second life and reappears materialized on the tables, but also the story of the bakers who do not want to see their work nullified and that of wheat, which does not accept to have been cultivated and then not used.

Lake Como beer will not be distributed by large retailers, but in bakeries, restaurants, hotels and public businesses in our area.

The union between modernity and tradition

Obviously the beer has to be good, natural, but you should also please the eye! What makes our territory unmistakable all over the world? Our lake, with a particular and unique shape. And the label will also have this function: to bring the memory of our Lake into the homes of tourists.

A simple label was designed, but which also paid homage to the work of the bakers from whom the bread was recovered, indicating their names on the label itself.

Biova Lago di Como is distributed exclusively by

Fratelli Donegana - Bi.Bi.Mix - Simonetta Bevande

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