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in milan we run the economy.
circular economy.

In partnership with the Associazione Panificatori of Confcommercio Milano and Province, we have collected the bread that remains without owner at the end of the day, so it can be stocked and transformed into beer.


biova has arrived in milan

Beer against waste made with the surplus of Milanese Bakers. 

Here is a new territorial project: one beer - actually three beers - made with unsold bread from the bakers of Milan.  

These are La Gialla, La Rossa and La Verde - three references of craft beer made with bread that, at the end of the day, remained unsold on the shelves. 

find out what bread they are made with


which one do you take?


la gialla

A high fermentation blonde with 4.9 ° alcohol, made with 20% unsold bread from Milanese bakers. Clean and golden in color, with a delicate taste of bread and a soft and dry finish. Subtle spicy and floral hopping. Light bitterness, which helps to maintain the malty balance. The bread of the bakers of Milan increases its hints of bread crust and adds a touch of flavor, due to the salt of the bread. 


la rossa

A 6.3 ° bock, made with 30% unsold bread from Milanese bakers. With a bright amber color. The protagonist to the taste is certainly the cereal and in particular the bread crust flavor. Delicate savory touch due to the release of salt present in the bread. 


la verde

A 3.8° session IPA, made with 22% unsold bread from Milanese bakers. Very fragrant and light, with a low alcohol content. To the few calories it combines a strong and persistent flavor of citrus and fresh hops, which make it easy and refreshing to drink. Dry hopping gives it smells of citrus and fresh fruit, with a hint of salt that comes from bread from Milanese bakeries. 

find biova milano in all the bakeries participating in the collection

Biova Milano will be on sale in all bakeries that have delivered unsold bread and distributed in by Sofismi - city distributor - which will take it to the best bars and restaurants throughout the city. 

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Operational headquarters: Via Valperga Caluso 18, 10125, Turin

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