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babaco market e biova project together against food waste

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biova lemon is born, a beer made from the unique lemons saved from babaco market

It took 200 kg of lemons to do this project. 200 kilograms of lemons recovered from food waste right from Babaco Market: these were lemons that otherwise would have struggled to find a commercial outlet, because although they were delicious, they had small "aesthetic dissimilarities," scars on the peel.  

Babaco's lemons, in fact, joined the base of a Biova beer, which produces a range of beers against food waste, to become something unique: a beer made from the juice of rescued lemons.


150 kg

of recovered bread

beer (1).png

2500 lt

of craft beer produced


Babaco was born with the idea of recovering and saving the most wasted food of all: fruits and vegetables.

Since May 2020, it has been offering a subscription-based delivery service of food, fresh fruits and vegetables, giving the right value to those products that today struggle to find commercial outlet, although delicious, due to aesthetic dissimilarities, overproduction or because little-known niche territorial crops even if of excellence (including slow food presidia, IGP and PAT products). In three years, Babaco Market has helped save more than 1,600 tons of perfectly unique fruits and vegetables, 100% Made in Italy products, working with more than 100 producers throughout the country.



bad shapes

good taste

This is the concept behind Biova Lemon, a pale ale, a German-inspired "blonde" with a fresh, magical touch given by the juice of 200 kilograms of hand-pressed lemons mixed together with the wort. The result is an incredibly drinkable beer, perfect for the warm season, with a soul geared toward food waste recovery and a focus on circular economy principles.

"We are excited about the collaboration with Biova, with whom we share the values of sustainability and the goal of contributing to the reduction of food waste. The Biova Lemon beer represents for Babaco Market an important first step toward consolidation and further development of the service. We are, in fact, expanding our commitment to the fight against food waste, adding to the recovery of fruit and vegetables the world of processed products through circular economy projects for the promotion of ethical and sustainable online shopping."

says Francesco Giberti,
CEO and Founder of Babaco Market

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Operational headquarters: Via Valperga Caluso 18, 10125, Turin

E-mail:   Tel. And Whatsapp: 011 0364246

biova lemon is available on babaco market e-commerce in 330ml format at the price of euro 2.98

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