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we recover rice
toast to sports

From a passion for sports and beer comes the collaboration between Biova Project and La Orange! Together we created Action Biova, a beer perfect for recovering energy after a workout, but also for fighting food waste.

we love sports,
we hate waste

Several experts have said that drinking a beer after a workout would be as good as a supplement, helping the body recover salts lost during exertion. In fact, beer contains mainly water and brings a lot of minerals and vitamins to our body.
But not all beers are suitable for recovery after physical activity!

That's why Action Biova was born, a thirst-quenching, gluten-free, low-alcohol, and naturally magnesium-rich beer.

fresh and pleasant to enjoy even after a workout

• Bassa gradazione alcolica

• Senza glutine


• Ricca di sali minerali e vitamine


100 kg

of broken red rice recovered


2500 lt

of craft beer produced


-1365 kg

CO2 emissions

with 100 kg of surplus red rice we produce 2500 liters of craft beer


Broken rice is all the grains broken during rice processing. Usually this waste is destined for the livestock industry or for processing industries to produce blown or extruded products.

Riso Gallo has chosen to allocate some of its waste to Biova Project to be transformed into something new and of new value: a beer perfect for sportsmen, with low alcohol and a slightly fruity aroma. Rich in minerals, gluten-free and with an amber color given by the red rice from which it is made.

Find Action Biova on our


we are a movement that, grain by grain,
wants to change the world

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Operational headquarters: Via Valperga Caluso 18, 10125, Turin

E-mail:   Tel. And Whatsapp: 011 0364246

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