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Some special place where to drink Biova in Milan

Consorzio Stoppani

On its tour of Italy, Biova Project finds a place right in the heart of Milan. And he finds it in a restaurant that was missing in Milan: Consorzio Stoppani. Consorzio Stoppani. In via Stoppani 15, in Milan.

Biova at Consorzio Stoppani

With our Biova you will find all the traditional dishes of Italian festivals, from Bolzano to Sicily.

For us, there is nothing better than accompanying a Biova Integrale with a Milanese cutlet from the Consorzio, a masterpiece traditionally made with the recovery of breadcrumbs. If you are in Milan and you are thirsty, drop by the Consorzio.

Cascina Santa Brera

In the heart of the Parco Agricolo Sud, an ancient farmhouse rich in history, restored with the principles and materials of green building, offers its guests 25 hectares of protected environment, cultivated with organic farming methods.

Biova Project has made a special, unique reference for cascina Santa Brera made with their surplus of bread and served exclusively by them.

Coop and Unes

In all Coop, Unes and U2 supermarkets in the area you can find Biova Nord Ovest, made with unsold bread from Coop Nw, and Biova Unes, made with bread from the homonymous brand.

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