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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Biova Project is a meeting point between social, profit and non-profit organizations. Our model, in fact, focuses on creating an immediate and lasting social impact over time, while trying to generate economic value.

In addition to reducing a percentage of waste, we act concretely to encourage the development and birth of new social projects in the area.

Panacea is a Social Farm that for over ten years has made job placement its main mission, as well as wanting to create the best and most ethical bread in the world.

Short supply chain, organic flours, respect for the territory and great care for the people who work in the oven.

Panacea, in fact, develops a job placement project in a particular district of Turin, where the craft of baking is taught to new aspiring artisans of the "white art".

Our collaboration with Panacea therefore leads to an immediate response: from January 2020 we have recovered 2 T of bread that otherwise would have been lost.

In addition to this, by putting Biova back into distribution on their shelves, they generate new economic value that needs to support their business model.

A virtuous cycle of which we are very proud.

celo celo Food

Celo Celo is a no profit organization which operates in the San Salvario area with the aim of eliminating food surpluses from markets and shops and redistributing them to those in need. With them we have developed Biova San Salvario, a project that has seen the recovery of 150kg of bread from the bakeries in the neighborhood and a redistribution in the participating restaurants and bakers.

On each bottle sold we made a contribution of 30 cents to celo celo Food to continue to face its mission of recovery and redistribution of food waste from the neighborhood.

In addition to this, for six months during the first lockdown we shared our spaces in Via Valperga Caluso with the association's volunteers, engaged in an extraordinary redistribution mission of surpluses. In four months, meals were distributed to 850 families a month, for a total of 3400 families helped.

This is why we say that those who consume Biova give a meal to those who do not have it.

It was a great experience on a personal and collective level. Seeing the neighborhood mobilizing in an operation so vital to the life of the neighborhood itself represented for us the pinnacle of our entrepreneurial dream.

Sustainable transports

Biova Project's commitment is also reflected in our choice to minimize the transport of waste (which is always transformed in the production center closest to the recovery point). In addition to this, we also try to be totally ZERO EMISSIONS in our city distribution practice. We have in fact adopted the cargo bike system. A healthy and fun way to take our products around the city.

Liguria Project

We are about to launch a new project in a new region. Big news are coming!

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